Welcome to the Township of Norwich

The Township of Norwich is dedicated to its historical, agricultural and beautiful heritage.

We provide a safe and healthy environment for citizens through:

  • focussing on excellence in service delivery
  • acting in an open and accessible manner
  • encouraging responsible growth
  • improving financial sustainability
  • a dedicated and proud workforce

all leading to an excellent quality of life

Ontario's Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

What to do if your livestock or poultry has been injured or killed by wildlife.

1. Immediately notify the Township of Norwich.
2. Do not remove the carcass from the attack site.
3. Within 3 Days, the Valuer will make a full investigation and submit a written report to the Municipal Clerk within 10 days of receiving notification.
4. If you do not agree with the Municipal Valuer's report, you may appeal to OMAFRA

For complete details on the program please read the information sheet.

For Livestock Evaluation services please contact the Director of Finance at 519-468-2410 Ext. 233