Property Taxes

The Township of Norwich prepares and mails property tax bills twice a year. Interim Billings are sent out in January, with due dates in  February and May. Final Billings are sent out in July with due dates in August and October.

Please note that we require complete and accurate address information to ensure that the Post Office is able to deliver your Tax Bill in an appropriate and timely fashion. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt you from payment of the instalment or any resulting penalty added to the overdue amount.

New Service Available

You can now sign up to recieve your Township of Norwich Tax Bills and Notices by email
Recieve your tax bill as soon as they are ready, No more worries about lost or re-directed mail through Canada Post. Environmentally friendly as no paper bill or envelope is required. You will have an electronic copy that you can save on your computere for future reference or use.

To sign up visit our municipal offices at 285767 Airport Road, Norwich or complete the application and submit it.

Calculation of Property Taxes

Interim Billing:

Interim Tax Bills are based on your prior year’s taxes. Interim billings are calculated as 50% of the prior year’s annualized total tax billing spread out over the two payments.

Final Billing

: Final Tax Bills are calculated as follows:

  • Assessment x Property Tax Rate = Total Property Taxes for the Year
  • Final Billing ** = Total Taxes – Interim Billing (this is split over the final two payment dates)

** Please note that Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential Taxes are subject to capping calculations.
** Final billings will also include any area-rating and local improvement charges for the full year.

Property Assessments

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for the calculating and setting of all assessment values in Ontario. To establish your property’s assessed value, MPAC analyzes property sales in your community. This method is called Current Value Assessment. In addition to sales, they look at a variety of other key features of every property. Some of the major factors utilized are: location, lot size, living area, age of the property, major renovations or additions, and quality of construction. MPAC will analyze the key features of your property with sales of comparable properties in your community to determine the final assessment value.

MPAC mails a Property Assessment Notice to all property owners in Ontario every four years. The Notices being mailed out in 2016 represent MPAC’s assessed value of your property as of January 1, 2016. To evaluate if your assessed value is accurate, simply ask yourself if you could you have sold your property for its assessed value on January 1, 2016. If the answer is “yes”, then you have been assessed appropriately. If the answer is “no”, you may file a “Request for Reconsideration” and MPAC will review your assessment, free of charge. Your deadline to file a “Request for Reconsideration” is printed on your Property Assessment Notice. The easiest way to start the review of your property’s assessment is to visit Page one of your Property Assessment Notice has your Roll Number and Access Key. You will need these to log into the website. If you do not have your most recent assessment notice, contact MPAC at 1 866 296-MPAC (6722). More information and details about your assessment can be obtained at

Tax Rates

Details on all the various tax rates can be obtained by clicking on the links below:

2019 Property Tax Rate By-law 40-2019


Payment of Taxes

Payments can be made through your banking institution, by mail, in person at our municipal offices (8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday) or in our after-hours drop box. Payments made in person can be made by cash, cheque or debit. The municipality also offers a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP). Please complete the application form and submit to the Revenue Coordinator.

Late payments will be subject to a penalty of 1.25% on the first day of each calendar month following a due date and each calendar month thereafter.

Vacancy Rebates

Commercial and Industrial property owners can apply for a Vacancy Rebate for buildings that are fully or partially vacant for at least 90 consecutive days during a taxation year. The deadline for applying is February 28th of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates. To download the Application Form click on: Application for Vacancy Rebate.


To have your property assessed and taxed under the Farmland Tax Classification, it must meet certain eligibility criteria. To learn about this criteria and how MPAC assesses Farmland please click on: Making Sense of Your Farm Property Tax Bill.