CAO/Clerk's Office

 The CAO/Clerk for the Township of Norwich is responsible for the leadership and general management of the Corporation, acting as key advisory and liaison to Council.

As the senior appointed official, and working in collaboration with the Corporations management staff, the CAO/Clerk's major duties and responsibilities include:

  • Leadership / Management
  • Policies
  • Council Support
  • Budget
  • Communication
  • Human Resource Management

The CAO monitors legislative compliance and sound fiscal management of the Corporation and encourages an environment of positive public relations, both internally and externally.

The Municipal Clerk's Office is responsible for the following:

  • Performing statutory duties as outlined in the Ontario Municipal Act
  • Registrar under the Vital Statistics Act
  • Preparation and conduct of the Municipal Elections
  • Preparation of Council / Committee meeting agenda's and minutes
  • Coordinates Records Management
  • Municipal Freedom of Information
  • Licensing Officer - responsible for the issuance of all lottery, marriage and refreshment vehicle licences
  • Provide public notice of Council meetings and other matters of public interest
  • Accessibility
  • Planning Services
  • Economic Development
  • Maintenance of Township Website



Contact Us


Kyle Kruger
519-468-2410 ext. 227

Deputy Clerk
Kimberley Armstrong
519-468-2410 ext 226

Human Resources Coordinator
Mary Winegarden
519-468-2410 ext. 225

Customer Service / Records Management Clerk
Kristen Szoczek
519-468-2410 ext. 232