Bylaws & Policies

Here are the bylaws and policies that are most commonly requested by Norwich Township residents.

Zoning bylaws can be found on the Oxford County website.

If you would like to see bylaws that are not provided in this section, please contact the Clerk's Department at 519-468-2410 ext. 226


By-law # 10-98Outdoor Swimming Pools Enclosures
By-law # 17-98To prohibit and/or regulate bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters
By-law # 34-2003To Regulate the Sale and Setting Off of Fireworks
By-law # 39-2005To Provide for the Regulation and Control for the setting of Fires
By-law # 5-00To Provide Standards for the Maintenance and Occupancy of Property
By-law # 53-2008To Prohibit the Depositing of Refuse and Debris on Private Property or Municipal Property
By-law # 55-2008To Regulate, Protect and Govern the Use of Public Parks and Facilities
By-law 15-2017To Regulate and Restrict Dogs
By-law 28-2011To Set Tariffs & Fees for Fire Departments (amended by By-law 40-2015)
By-law 3-2017Traffic & Parking, Short Form Wording (Schedule of Fines)
By-law 35-2013To Prohibit and Regulate Noises
ConsolidatedTo Regulate Traffic and Parking in the Township of Norwich Consolidated By-laws 66-2016 & 3-2017