Notice of Intention to Designate under Section 29, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Notice of Intention to Designate

St. John’s Anglican Church, Otterville
under Section 29, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Take notice that on August 13, 2019, the Council of the Township of Norwich issued a Notice of Intention to Designate the property known as St. John’s Anglican Church, as being of cultural heritage value.

Description of Property

Located at 23 Dover Street, Otterville and legally described as Plan 43, Lots 1, 2 and Part Lot 3 (former South Norwich) Township of Norwich within the County of Oxford.

Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest

Design Value or Physical Value

St. John’s Anglican Church is a representative example of a religious building with Modified Gothic styling inspired by English medieval prototypes. Modified Gothic design is recognized by the application of pointed arches, buttresses, ribbed ceilings and large expanses of glass. St. John’s Anglican Church also has a centre tower with a smaller corner bell tower. It was constructed in 1915 under the direction of Architects McBride and Gilbert.

Historical Value or Associative Value

The Church’s construction was funded by Henry E. Bullock and brother Frederick G. Bullock helped with the project. When completed the church was dedicated to the memory of their parents Edward and Catherine Bullock.

Otterville grew up around the mills on the Otter Creek. Edward and Catherine Bullock moved to Otterville in 1845 and the mills provided the base for the industrialization that Edward Bullock initially built in the Township of South Norwich. Edward Bullock built the Otterville Mill (1845) a saw mill, Carding Factory, Blacksmith Shop and the Farmers Arms (Inn). He also donated the land and materials to build the first St. John’s Anglican Church in 1854 on Church Street in Otterville. Edward and Catherine’s sons started the Otter Sweeper company, making the first carpet sweepers in North American which later became the Otterville Manufacturing Company.

Contextual Value

St. John’s Anglican Church is a local landmark that is beautifully positioned to create a view from Dover and Mill Streets and contributes greatly to the character of the village.

Description of Heritage Attributes

Key elements that contribute to the heritage value of this site include:

  • Modified Gothic Styling
  • Pitched gables, buttressed walls and double pointed arched windows
  • Interior and exterior brick and roman stone
  • Square tower with buttressed corners and arched windows
  • Circular bell tower containing the bell from the original St. John’s Church (Church St)
  • Vestibule features a white marble memorial plaque
  • Oak doors
  • Arched pointed stain glass transom window
  • Stained glass windows in Sanctuary
  • 1915 Cassavant organ with working pipes
  • Black ask ceiling designed with ribs to reflect ship construction
  • Carved oak finishing’s of the Chancel include pulpit, pews and railing
  • Chancel ceiling is plastered with 1938 murals of Saint George, Saint Alban, Saint Hilda and Saint Chad

Further Information

Further information respecting the proposed designation is available for viewing at the Township of Norwich office located at 285767 Airport Road, Norwich during regular office hours.

Report CAO / Clerk 2019-20 - Heritage Designation - St. John's Anglican Church
Municipal Heritage Committee - Designation Report
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Under Section 29(5) of the Ontario Heritage Act, any person may, within thirty (30) days after the date of the publication of this notice, serve written notice of their objection(s) to the proposed designation, setting out the reason for the objection and all relevant facts. Written notice of objections are to be provided to the attention of Kimberley Armstrong, Deputy Clerk, 285767 Airport Road, Norwich, ON.

The last date to file a notice of objection is Monday September 30, 2019.