Administrative/Clerk Services

CAO / Clerk
Kyle Kruger
ext. 227

Deputy Clerk
Kimberley Armstrong
ext. 226

Human Resources Coordinator
Mary Winegarden
ext. 225

Records Management /
Customer Service Clerk

Kristen Szoczek
ext. 232

Development Planner
Heather St. Clair
ext. 237

Economic Development
Please contact the CAO /Clerk

Norwich Medical Centre

32 South Court Street East

Telephone: (519) 863-2338
Fax: (519) 863-2073

Manager of Medical Services
A.J. Wells

Building & Drainage Services

Manager of Building Services /Chief Building Official
Brad Smale
ext. 231

Deputy Chief Building Official /
Drainage Superintendent

Dirk Kramer
ext. 234

Plans Examiner / Junior Building Inspector
Louise Pattenden
ext. 244

Building & Drainage Services Clerk / Zoning Officer
Denise Rooke
ext. 229

Building & Drainage Services Clerk

Kelly Pinnoy
ext. 247

Drainage Clerk
Lindsay Farkas
ext. 235

Financial Services

Director of Financial Services /
Mike Legge
ext. 233

Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector
Jodi Morrison
ext. 223

Revenue Coordinator
Sandy Nadeau
ext. 222

Accounts Payable /
Customer Service Clerk

Kim Pittl
ext. 221

Community Development Services

Norwich Community Centre
53 1/2 Stover Street South
(519) 863-3733

Director of Community Development Services
Patrick Hovorka
Ext. 23

Facilities Supervisor
James Schaafsma
Ext. 22

Community Development Services Clerk
Annette Carroll
Ext. 21

Fire & Protective Services

Director of Fire & Protective ServicesPaul Groeneveld
ext. 236

Fire & Protective Services Clerk /
Drainage Clerk

Lindsay Picknell
ext. 235

Public Works Services

Manager of Public Works
Marty Lenaers
ext. 228


Employee Directory

Township of Norwich Municipal Office

285767 Airport Road, Norwich, Ont., N0J 1P0
Telephone: (519) 468-2410
Fax: (519) 468-2414